ATTENTION! - New & Existing Business Owners! 

"How to 2X Your Credit and
Start, Scale & Succeed In Any Business
Using Other People's Money...WITHOUT Risking Your Personal Cash, Credit and Business!"

Discover the SECRETS TO UNLOCK $100,000s
 In Credit & Cash Funding For Your Business!

(This Works Even If You Have Crappy or Perfect Credit)

Did You Know That Over 70% of People Who Start a Business FAIL within the first years?

It's True! Many End Up Destroying Their Personal Credit, which takes years to recover, if ever and some end up filing bankruptcy and losing their home and assets.  

Whether you have the entrepreneurial itch and want to start a business or you already have a thriving business.  

Here’s the problem you face, most business owners rely heavily on their personal cash and credit to fund their business.

If something negative impacts your credit, whether your fault or not, Your Credit & Business Could Be Destroyed!

Which means your business will slowly die, month after month as creditors reduce your credit limits, skyrocket interest rates, or worse, slam the door shut on your credit and close accounts.

Luckily For You, 
There IS Something You Can Do Differently!

There is a solution that can prevent that reality from happening.

Let me introduce you to the 2X Credit System, the revolutionary business and credit saving system that

Will Change Your Business & Life Forever!

2X Credit_Corporate Credit System

Below are just a few of the many things we reveal inside This Amazing System:

  • How To 2X Your Credit by Using Your Business to Build Credit so You NEVER Have To Rely Solely On Personal Credit to Fund Your Business. 
  • ​How To STOP Using Personal Cash & Credit To Run Your Business and how to obtain and use other people’s money instead so you can stop putting your personal credit at risk which means you can Greatly Reduce The Danger of Destroying Your Credit & Business.
  • ​How to Establish a Solid Business Foundation so you can Quickly Build Business Credit the RIGHT WAY which means you can AVOID Dozens of Commons Mistakes that would assassinate any change of building and receiving business credit or cash funding. 
  • How to Quickly Obtain & Add Several Large Credit Lines To Your Business Credit Reports So You Can Hack the Business Scoring Systems Which Means You’ll Receive Higher Credit and Cash Funding Approvals & Amounts. 
  • ​How To Leverage Your Business to Unlock $100,000s In Credit & Cash Funding With NO PERSONAL GUARANTEE so you can use other people’s money to grow your business which means you’ll gain a competitive advantage and Greatly Reduce The Risk of Becoming a Failed Business Statistic! 
  • ​How to Utilize Business Credit & Boost Personal Credit Scores so you can access virtually Unlimited Credit & Cash Funding For Your Business. 
  • The #1 Mistake Business Owners Make When Building Business Credit That Will Completely Annihilate Your Business Credit Beyond Recovery & How To Avoid It.  
  • ​Secret Underwriting Requirements of Hundreds of Creditors that report to the business credit bureaus so you can Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Creditors & Know If You’ll Be APPROVED Before Applying. 
  • Much much more...

This is only a small portion of the 

Massive Vault of Insider Secrets we reveal inside the

2X Credit System. 

I Know You May Be Thinking...

"WOW! This Sounds Great But My Business Is Kicking A**

& I Already Have Business Credit.”


“I’m Just Starting A Business & I Don't Need Business Credit!"

How Do I Know?

Because once upon a time, I thought the exact same things... I had a successful business that was generating high six figure income every year and I Had Several Credit Cards With My Company Name On so I Believed I Had Business Credit. 

My business was kicking-ass until it was almost stolen from me and I Discovered The Big Box Banks Lied To Me, The Accounts Were NOT TRUE BUSINESS CREDIT!"

Let me introduce myself . . .

My name is Jason Oswald and I’m a fellow entrepreneur and business owner. Like so many business owners, I had a dream of Breaking Free From The Chains Of Corporate America by starting my own business, being my own boss and helping others.  

Over The Past 15 Years I've . . .

  • Started & Scaled Several Successful Businesses Using Other People’s Money
  • Obtained $100,000’s in Cash & Credit for my various businesses.
  • Cut The Strings Between My Personal & Business Credit
  • Helped Countless Entrepreneurs “2X Credit” & Achieve The Same Results.

But It Wasn't Always This Way!
A few years after starting a very successful and lucrative business... 

I Was Bankrupt & Almost Lost Everything! 

My Business

My House

My Cars

My Credit

My credit cards were maxxed and my personal credit scores were sinking faster than the Titanic.
I was on the verge of becoming another “Failed Business Statistic".


Like many business owners, I worked my A** off to start my first major business, a debt settlement service. To get my business off the ground, I Used My Personal Savings & Maxxed Out My Credit Cards to launch and run the business.  

The business was an overnight success and I had a flood of clients and great cash flowing in monthly, so I decided to bring on a business partner to help keep the flood gates open.

Life was amazing, I had a successful business helping people get out of debt. My Credit Scores Were In the HIgh 700’s & I Was Making High 6 Figures Yearly.  

Banks & Creditors Were Throwing Money & Credit At Me!

I felt like the sky was the limit and I wanted to grow the business, so we signed a 2 year lease on a large office space to prepare for the expansion. 

It Turned Out My Business Partner Had Other Plans...

He went behind my back and stole cash, clients and referral sources

The company that I had worked so hard to build was being stolen from me.

To make matters worse...
I had just maxxed out my personal credit cards to furnish the new office and for marketing.

With No Clients, No Cash & No Referrals coming in,

My Business Seemed Doomed To Fail! 

With no revenue coming in, there was no money to pay the bank or creditors. In less than 60 days my credit scores dropped by over 200 points. 

I needed money fast to pay my personal and business expenses including the new office space I just furnished.

I Was In Panic Mode &

F****ing Scared! 


Friends, Family & Financial Institutions.

Friends & Family Couldn't help...

- They had their own bills to pay. 

Financial Institutions Wouldn't Help...

- Because my credit and business revenue sucked.

I thought for sure the bank I had my business accounts with would help. 

I Thought I Had Great Business Credit because I had several credit cards with my business name on.  

This Is When I Discovered The Truth...

-The Credit Cards With My Company Name On Were NOT True Business Credit.

-They Were Attached To My Personal Credit & Business Revenue.  

-Once the revenue was gone and my scores dropped, instead of helping me...

The Banks Closed My Accounts &

Slammed The Door In My Face! 

I Felt Like a Loser & Beat Myself Up. 

- I sank into a deep depression, started drinking heavily and contemplated ending everything. 

I Didn't Know What To Do

Or Who To Turn To

Email That Saved My Business & Life!

Not knowing what to do, I Felt Like A Massive Failure, I ran from conversations about my business and avoided everyone.  

A friend heard about what I was going through and sent the following email:

After Reading The Email . . . 
I immediately called my buddy and he introduced me to the "Secret World of Business Credit" and explained everything to me! 

Business Credit Is One of the 

Greatest Secrets Of The Wealthy!

As my friend shared with me How To Build TRUE Business Credit Using My Business, ...the lightbulb went off. 

- ​I realized he was sharing with me...
 One Of The Greatest Secrets Of The Wealthy.

​- A Secret That Could Help Save My Business & Credit. 

- One That Could Help Me Scale & Succeed Using Other People's Money.  

When I first discovered business credit, I was desperate and needed capital fast to keep my business open and prevent losing everything.  

So I started on a journey to find out as much as I could about business credit and how to get the cash and credit I desperately needed...but I Hit A Massive Roadblock. 

The Problem Was . . .

Most Business Credit Methods 

Were Slow, Outdated & Recycled Garbage!

Most Business Credit Methods were outdated and recycled information that took 6-12 months to build minor business credit.  
This was time I didn't have!
I knew there had to be...
  • A Smarter Way... to build business credit
  • ​A Easier Way... to build business credit
  • ​A Faster Way... to build business credit
I Couldn't Find Anything to Build Business Credit And Access Cash & Credit Fast. . .

So I Created It Myself! 

I Spent Over $60,000, Hundreds of Hours In Research
& Courses To Solve This Problem! 

As I began this journey, I Discovered Several Business Credit Hacks that allowed me to access the capital I desperately needed within only a few short weeks ...and I Saved My Business! 

Not only did I Save My Business, but I was also able to...

  • Access Tens of Thousands in Capital Fast
  • Recover & Boost Personal Credit Scores
  • ​Scale My Business to a National Level- using other people's money. 
  • ​Reduce Personal Credit Usage
After achieving these amazing results, I created the foundation of a Business Credit System, but I had to make sure it would work for other businesses, whether a startup or existing business.

So I tested the system on a new business I started and several friend's businesses.


Time & Time Again The Business Credit System Proved To Work... not only for my businesses but also for other business owners. 

They Worked. . . 

  • Regardless of Personal Credit Scores
  • Regardless if Startup or Existing Business
  • Regardless of Business Industry
After repeatedly testing and proving the system worked, I developed the "2X Credit Frameworks" that worked to Build True Business Credit & UNLOCK Virtually Unlimited Amounts of Cash & Credit For Any Business... FAST!
A Business Credit System that made it so Myself & Other Business Owners NEVER Have to Rely Solely on Personal Credit to Run My Business!

NEVER Have To Rely Solely On Personal Credit 
To Run Your Business Again! 

The 2X Credit Frameworks Allowed Any Business Owner To Leverage Their Business Credit To Unlock 10-100X Higher Credit Limits than they could ever get with personal credit and faster. 
Without All The Restrictions Personal Credit Has!


10-100X Higher Credit Limits
With Business Credit!

Results Of Others...

My Journey Started Out to Save My business, but it became so much more.

I discovered I had a Passion to Help Entrepreneurs.

It led me to develop the 2X Credit System that's helped countless business owners to achieve the same results and Access Cash & Credit To Start, Scale & Succeed.

Most importantly, the 2X Credit System helped many to survive and avoid becoming a failed business statistic. 

The 2X Credit System Has Helped Countless Business Owners Get the Cash & Credit They Needed To Start, Scale & Succeed and Achieve Their Dreams!

Let me introduce the system that made this all possible.  

The Ultimate Business Credit System

Can Help You Do The Same!




You'll Discover. . . 


“2X SHIFT” Framework Report

“How to Easily Build “TRUE” Business Credit In Under 6 Months, Separating Your Personal & Business Credit, Reducing Debt And

Boosting Your Credit Scores.”

(Works Regardless of Personal Credit Score)

($997 Value)


“2X ACCELERATE” Framework Report

“How to Get Up to $150,000+ In Credit Lines Under Your Business EIN, Regardless If You Have Perfect or Ugly Credit or Your Industry.”

(Works Even if You Are a Startup 

(Worth $1,997)


“2X ADVANTAGE” Framework Report

“How to Beat the Bank’s Secret Formula, Increase Credit Approvals & Get Approved For HUGE Credit Lines 10-100X Higher Than Personal Credit With The Lowest Rates & Terms.”

 (Know If You’ll Be Approved Before Applying)

(Worth at least $2,497) 

24+ Business Credit Building Modules

These Modules Reveal How To Establish  an Earthquake Proof Foundation To Build Your Business Credit Upon.
You'll Discover... The Secrets to "Ethically" Hack Your Business Credit To Unlock And  Access The Highest Credit Lines & Cash Funding For Your Business....>>>FAST!

You'll Discover. . . 

  • ​The #1 Mistake Business Owners Make When Setting Up A Business That Can DESTROY Your Chances of Building & Obtaining Credit For Your Business... And How To Avoid It! 
  • ​How to Access $100,000's for Your Business With NO PERSONAL GUARANTEE Even If You Have Crappy Credit.
  • Secret Method to Get Your Dun & Bradstreet DUNS # (This is Essential) In Less Than 48 Hours, Without Paying So You Can Jump Start Building Business Credit.  
  • ​​How To Separate Your Personal & Business Credit and Shift Your Credit Usage To Sky-Rocket Your Personal Credit Scores Into The High 700's
  • How to Start, Scale & Succeed In Your Business Using Other People's Money So You Can Stop Relying On & Risking Your Personal Cash & Credit to Run Your Business. 
  • How to Leverage Your Business to Access Virtually Unlimited Credit & Capital & Greatly Reduce The Risk of Becoming Another "Failed Business Statistic". 
  • Lots More...

Worth Over $2,777          

6 Months Access to Private Member’s Area

You'll Gain Access to...

  •   2X Credit System Content
  • ​  Audio & Video Recordings
  • ​  Business Credit Trainings
  • ​  Business Coaching Sessions
  • ​  New Content As Created
  • ​  Downloadable PDFS
  • ​  Member Support  

    (Easily Worth $2,982)  

Who This Works For. . .

  • Works For...New & Existing Businesses- or Anyone Looking to Start or Scale a Business.
  • ​MLM / Network / Affiliate Marketers- or Anyone Looking to Make More Money Faster.
  • ​Realtors & Mortgage Professionals- or Anyone Looking to invest in real estate.
  • ​Online Business Owners- Digital Products, Course Creators, Coaches, Authors, etc.

Works For...New & Existing Businesses

- or Anyone Looking to Start or Scale a Business.

​MLM / Network / Affiliate Marketers

- or Anyone Looking to Make More Money Faster.

​Realtors & Mortgage Professionals

- or Anyone Looking to invest in real estate.

​Online Business Owners

- Digital Products, Course Creators, Coaches, Authors, etc.

​Anyone Currently Building Business Credit

- This system will Accelerate the process of Building Business Credit and

  • Help You Unlock & Obtain Higher Credit Limits & Funding.

WAIT! It Gets Even Better. 
Once you become a 2X Credit Member You'll Also Receive...

No Wasting Your Time Or Money...

You won't have to waste your time or money searching for creditors who extend credit to businesses and report to the Major Business Credit Bureaus.  
   - We've done all the hard work, spent countless hours and thousands of dollars researching and contacting hundreds of vendors, lenders, creditors and banks to obtain this information ...So You Won't Have To!  

You'll Know If You Qualify Before You Apply!

    (Worth $1,997, Included For FREE)  

The NEXT THING You'll Receive . . .

2X Business Credit Coaching

When You Become A Member You'll Receive A Private One-on-One Business Credit Success Coaching Session With One Of Our  2X Business Credit Coaches, So You Can Successfully Jump-Start Building TRUE Business Credit . . . “The Right Way!”

In your coaching session we'll cover:

  • Review & Analyze Your Current Business- to help prepare you for building business credit.
  • ​Help You Fix Any Errors or Mistakes- to help prevent your business credit from being destroyed
  • Insure You Have a Solid Business Foundation- to help insure you receive the maximum results when building business credit.
  • Guide you through the Modules & 2X Credit System
  • Much more…
We'll Help You Cut Through All The B.S., Nonsense & Recycled Garbage About Business Credit and Help You Get Straight To The Money For Your Business.   

($997 Value)

In Addition You'll Receive . . .

3 Months V.I.P. Access to Business Coaching Sessions

($2,991 Value)

You'll Gain Access to Live Monthly Coaching Sessions where we deep dive into Various Business Credit, Funding & Business Success Topics.
We Invite Some Of The Best Guest Speakers Where The Focus Is To Help You Build Strong Business Credit, And Help Your Business Scale & Succeed


The Next Thing You'll Receive As a 2X Credit Member Is a Guaranteed $10,000 Revolving Credit Line That Reports To Major Business Credit Bureaus.  When It Comes To Building Business Credit Fast - This Is A TRUE GAME CHANGER!
If you want to Establish & Build Business Credit Fast, then you need to Learn How To Ethically Hack Business Credit and One of The Fastest Ways Is to Add Large Credit Lines To Your Business Credit Reports.  

This Is Why As a Member You'll Receive A $10,000 Revolving Credit Line, So You Can Accelerate Building Business Credit and Get Approved For Higher Credit Limits & Cash Funding Faster than you thought possible.

How a $10K Credit Line Helps Build Business Credit Fast...
  • Increases Your Recommended Credit Limit Score...
- This is the score creditors use to determine How Much Cash or Credit they give you. Increasing this Score Greatly Increases Your Chances to Get Approved for Higher Credit Lines & More Cash Funding.
  • Increases Your Business Creditability...
- Shows Creditors You Are Creditworthy & Deserving of Higher Credit Lines which can immediately Increase Credit Approvals & Amounts.    
  • Improves Business Credit Scores...
- Especially D&B's Paydex Score, Which Is The Score Many Creditors Base Their Lending Decisions And Amounts On.  (Higher Scores = Higher Approvals, Credit Limits & Cash Funding)  
Can You See Why This Is A Game Changer? 

($10,000 Value - But Worth Far More!)

You’re getting ALL that…because I want to help entrepreneurs like you succeed and my amazing support team and happy members urged me to give it to you for ONE low price.
I know, you’re DYING to know how much, right?
Well, I’m not done.

Because you took the time to read my story (which tells me, You Want Your Business to Succeed and you know credit, capital and coaching can help you).

…I’m holding absolutely NOTHING back.

That means you’re getting EVERYTHING those who paid $10,000 for me to walk them through this got, so
PLEASE do not share that I gave you this…

If you order RIGHT NOW

You'll Also Receive the following bonuses . . .

Bonus #1! "Show Me More Money" With 100 Additional Creditor Cheat Sheets

(Worth $1,997, Included FREE)

...we've taken all the hard work out of finding creditors who want to give you cash, credit and capital for your business. These additional sheets will save you countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure this out on your own. Best part? You can easily implement this strategy to immediately rock building your business credit.

Bonus #2! My "Get The Most Money" Guide (Others Pay $297, You Get It FREE)

You'll get one of the first copies of my new book "Fundation Fundamentals" that reveals Over 50 Fundamentals Banks, Creditors, & Lenders' Underwriters look for. This book Exposes Industry Secrets & Is a Must Have to Get The Most Money (Cash & Credit) for your business. These are Secrets They DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.